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AMX 28 WOODLINE is a bold project, born from the cooperation of three historic factories: Airon Marine, Riva 1920 and Volvo Penta. The challenge was to create an innovative boat, both technologically advanced and exclusive, dedicated to a sophisticated customer, who does not compromise. Expertise, experience and tradition merged in an unique, elegant and functional product.

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The unique design of AMX 28 WOOODLINE represents the perfect equilibrium among tradition, sportiness and innovation, where classic smooth lines of a living manufacture meet modern and exquisite lines of deck and interiors. A certain old-fashioned appearance carried by the small deckhouse, the truncated enveloping windscreen and the ‘wood style’ recall the classic mahogany boats of the Molinari’s past. Nonetheless, light spots on sides and cut of platform and bow give the boat a modern and strong design.


Three main features make AMX 28 WOODLINE unique and beyond the currently available market offer: 1. synthetic wood sides with handmade finishes 2. new Volvo Penta Forward Drive engine 3. furniture by Riva 1920 in thousand-year old kauri

Volvo Penta Forwarddrive

After launching in Palma de Mallorca the first IPS system in 2005 with an Airon 425, Volvo Penta and Airon Marine consolidate and promote their collaboration by introducing for the first time in Europe the new Forwardrive transmission system. AMX 28 WOODLINE couples such transmission, originally designed for water sports boats in the US market only, to a cutting-edge hull, created by a two-year teamwork of Swedish developers in Gotheborg and Italian developers at Airon Marine, supported by sophisticated 3D modeling software. The outcome has been amazing as for both performance and comfort on board.


Main features of Volvo Penta IPS and Aquamatic transmission systems are indeed combined in the Forwardrive system. It has dualprop located at bow, that pull instead of push the boat on water and that are perfectly suitable to water sports. Moreover, the Forwardrive Volvo Penta positioning under the keel line limits both sound and smoky emissions compared to a typical stren-drive system, to such a point that it feels like to be on an electric boat. In addition, such transmission fluently produces high levels of thrust, acceleration and speed, thus lowering consumptions and environmental impact. Tests on the lake of Como revealed that both torque and transmission efficiency were unaffected even during the sudden changes of direction allowed by the excellent hull. This is an effect of the almost complete lack of cavitation, with respect to traditional stern-drive systems, and it is of course accompained by a higher efficiency in terms of vibrations.

Furniture by Riva 1920

Riva 1920 is the symbol of a never-ending dialogue between beauty and ethics, it is the story of a factory with deep origins and great craftsmanship, that couples innovation and design with respect for both the environment and the best Italian tradition. Thanks to a cooperation with famous architects and artists, it creates excellent furniture, where wood plays the key role. A peculiar feature is the use of wood from the American reforestation as well as wood of reuse, such as the thousand-year old kauri from New Zealand, the Venetian Briccole and the scented cedar tree from Lebanon.


For both internal and external furniture in AMX 28 WOODLINE, Riva 1920 has chosen to use the most precious kauri wood, obtained from a 48000 years old trunk, as dated by the University La Sapienza in Rome. Both aesthetic and physical properties of such wood have been enhanced by using it au naturel, simply treated by a natural oil that perfumes the entire boat and allows an unmatched sensory experience.

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